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Continuity Planning Statement


Asbri Planning Ltd / Asbri Transport Ltd

Continuity Planning – Information for our Clients

16th March 2020

Asbri is closely and continually monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak in line with Public Health Wales and Government Guidelines. With the increased cases of Coronavirus, we have taken steps and measures to safeguard our staff and clients and although we believe the risks to our business are low, we have put procedures in place to ensure that there is minimal disruption to our services.

These steps include;

  • Unless instructed otherwise by Government, our offices will remain open.
  • Public Health posters are displayed at key points in our offices.
  • Advised all staff to ensure that they are familiar with the current Government guidelines and to follow the advice given.
  • We have and will continue to encourage staff to remain vigilant with personal hygiene and we have strengthened hygiene, sanitisation and availability in both offices.
  • Staff showing any symptoms relating to the virus will self-isolate in line with Government guidelines.
  • Isolated staff, if well, will continue to work remotely from home and will be in contact with the office and Directors until their isolation period ends.
  • Where possible we are reducing meetings to only those that are essential and if practical it is preferred to hold meetings using remote access technology.
  • Facilitated and have planned for all staff to be able to work from home if needed in order to maintain delivery of services.

We have taken all necessary actions to ensure that all client services will continue uninterrupted whilst ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, clients and suppliers.

Our Directors will monitor and evaluate the situation regularly to review the associated risks and take further actions that are deemed necessary.



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