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Malmesbury Extra Care, Wiltshire

Malmesbury Extra Care, Wiltshire

Client Bouygues UK
Location Burnham Road, Malmesbury, Wiltshire
Project description

Development of an Extra Care facility comprising 49 self-contained apartments, large communal area and landscaping works.

The building was designed by Nicol Thomas Architects to replace a deteriorating former care home on the site, which bore no relationship to the main road. The new building was designed to be more in keeping with the local vernacular and to better respond to the existing neighbouring site context.  

Our input

Asbri Planning was brought onto the project by Bouygues UK, the contractors, who were tasked with constructing an Extra Care facility for the Abbeyfield Society, to address a much-needed requirement in the local area. Productive and open pre-application discussions with the Local Planning Authority were managed by Asbri Planning, ensuring that proposals were able to be designed in the context of the aspirations and requirements of the Authority.

Asbri Planning played a key role in the organisation of a very well-attended public consultation exercise in Malmesbury Town Hall. This including outlining the proposals to keen local residents and stakeholders, as well as fielding questions and providing advice. This culminated in the production of a supporting statement by Asbri Planning.

Asbri aided in managing a team of wide-ranging professional disciplines towards the timely submission of the planning application. Asbri prepared the supporting Planning Statement that summarised the background to the planning application and the extensive supporting surveys and reports that were produced.

The application was approved by Wiltshire Council after Asbri Planning successfully negotiated the pre-commencement planning conditions to a minimum. Asbri was retained to prepare and submit a Prior Notification of Proposed Demolition Application.  

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