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Development Plans


Asbri Planning has extensive experience in promoting land through development plans. Our dedicated team has secured a considerable market share of development plan instructions in Wales. The client base for strategic planning work is ever increasing which is a testimony to our reputation in this sector of work. Our clients include national housebuilders, landowners, developers, universities, local health boards and individuals.

The team commences site promotion by submitting comprehensive representations at Candidate Site stage. Further representations are submitted at Preferred Strategy and Deposit stages, when it is essential to co-ordinate the submission of technical information to demonstrate that sites can be developed and implemented. The process culminates in presenting expert witness evidence at Examinations in Public. Throughout the development plan, the team monitor all documentation published and consultations undertaken by the Local Authorities. 

As part of development plan preparation our team will analyse the demographic trends for each Authority, review the respective supply and demand data for each land use, undertake policy review and assess the robustness of the Preferred Strategy. In terms of site promotion work, the team will regularly undertake strategic environmental assessments, sustainable development assessments and the co-ordination of technical studies into matters such as ecology, drainage capacity, transportation impact and landscape visual and impact assessment. 

The team also have a history of securing instructions to prepare representations on draft Supplementary Planning Guidance issued by Local Authorities.